The Krises and the Chrosses


If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering about who I am.


“Well Done” ~The Dark Lord

My name is Kristopher Bryan Luke Christou, hence the title of this blog being krisesandchrosses. The notion and title of this blog is in relation to the rollercoaster which is life and the kris-crossing journey which is a once in a life time experience.

At the moment I am studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies at the University of Wollongong and am undertaking a double major in Digital Media Communication and Public Relations. Wanting and aspiring to be a media professional is my dream, and one day I hope to recognise this goal.

Creating content for an audience is honestly what the majority of my happiness comes from, seeing otherΒ individualsΒ critique,Β evoke conversation fromΒ and enjoy my works fills me with some kind of happiness, an ecstasy that stays with me for quite a long time. I am extremely passionate about my work and always give 120% in my creation of content.

My aim, hope and dreamΒ for the future is to one day work in the television or filmΒ industry behind or in front of the camera, creating content for thousands of people across Australia and one day the world.

If you’d like to know any more, just leave a comment down below, or you could always find me on social media.Β My contact email is also below for any business enquires.

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